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Thursday, February 18, 2010

iLiveMath in an African Safari!

Hi it's me Abby!

I haven't blogged in sooo long! Well it feels long because of well... school. :) iLiveMath is a new way to do math. There are challenging word problems and some cool pictures of African animals. For some it might feel like a new twist to the other iHomeEducator apps, but I think it's a nice twist.
There are three levels in this new app. The first level has addition and subtraction. I would recommend it to kids in 1st grade. The second level has multiplication, addition, and subtraction. This level is good for grades 2nd-4th. The third level has multiplication,addition, subtraction, and percentages. This level I would recommend for 4th-6th grade students. But I would suggest that 6th grade students should practice levels 1 and 2 just to refresh the brain :).
This app can also help learn not only math but what groups of animals are called. For example, did you know a group of peacocks is called a muster? Or a group of rhinos is called a Crash of Rhinos? I didn't know that until I played with the app. There can be a lot you don't know about wild life that can be very familier.

I hope you have fun with our new iLiveMath apps at iHomeEducator!

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